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2024 Show Dates

June 8,                 Barett Nelson Music Fest.  (Band)
                          Radisson, SK

June 14,               Battle of the Bulls Afterparty (Band)
                          Humboldt Golf Club

June 15,             Private Event (Schuler wedding) 

June 21,               Indigenous Day Celebrations (band)
                          Saskatoon, SK

June 21,             Private Event (40th Bday) (Duo)        

June 22,                Allan Street Dance (Band)
                         Allan, SK 

June 26,                 Innovation Place (Band)
                         U of S

June 27,                Private Event (Robinson Grad)
                         Duck Lake, SK

June 28,                 Cork and Kettle (Duo)
                          Warman, SK

July 6,                  Country at the Creek Music Fest (Band)
                         Big River, SK

July 11,                 The Flats YXE (Solo)
                          Saskatoon, SK

July 16,17,18        Ag In Motion (solo)
July 17,                 Can-Seed 40th Anniversary (Band)
                          Saskatoon, SK

July 18,                Back to Batoche (Band)
                          Batoche, SK

July 20,                Private Event (Wedding)
                           Macklin, SK

Aug 3,                  Weyakwin Lake Party (Duo)

Aug 4,                  Hillbilly Boogie Music Fest (Band)
                          Kenaston, SK

Aug 10,                 Private Island Party (Duo)
                           La Ronge, SK

Aug 17,                 Private Event (Band)
                            White Fox, SK

Aug 23,                Humboldt Street Fair (Band)
                           Humboldt, SK

Sept 13,14          Buds on Broadway (Band)                        
                          Saskatoon, SK

Sept 20,             Voyageur Days (Band)
                         Big River, SK

Sept 28,             Private Event (Band)
                         Saskatoon, SK

Sept 29,               Wedding (Casino)
                         Saskatoon, SK

Oct 26,                Dancers Without Borders (Band)
                         Lloydminster, AB

Nov 8,9,                Buds on Broadway (Band)                        
                         Saskatoon, SK

Nov 23,                  Bar None (Band)
                         University of Alberta (Butter Dome)

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