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March 31+ April 1     Buds On Broadway             
               Saskatoon, SK

April 6 - 8      Rose and Crown
                Banff, AB

April 22         Steak and Lobster night
                Denzil, SK

April 29        Buds On Broadway
                Saskatoon, SK

June 2,3      Party in the Pasture
                St. Walburg, SK

June 17,        Bobbys Place Tavern
                Moose Jaw, SK

June 30, July 1      Casino Dene
                Cold  Lake, AB

July 22,      Private Function

July 24,         Family Day in the Park & Street Dance
                 Allan, SK

Aug 18,         Private Function

Sept 2,3         Shake the lake
                 Sicamous, BC

Sept 15,          Buds On Broadway
                  Saskatoon, SK

Sept 16,         Private Function

Sept 23,        Private Function

Oct 7,            Private Function

Nov 7,            Private Function


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